Philmont 2017
Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus
Boarded the train at Union Station.
22 hours on the train, sleeping in our seats.
Playing cards in the lounge car. There’s also a dining car.
We get off at Raton, New Mexico.
Philmont is 45 minutes away by bus.
After months of preparation, we are finally at Philmont.
In base camp we sleep 2 nights in platform tents.
We eat in the cafeteria.
We pose for our official crew photo, with Tooth of Time behind us.
After a day of prep in base camp, we’re ready to go.
The trek we chose is among Philmont’s toughest, but with lots of
activities. For 11 days we’ll carry 35+ lb backpacks for 120 miles.
Backpacks go in pack lines.
A bus takes us to our trailhead, Six Mile Gate turnaround.
Our ranger first goes over map and compass.
And then, we’re off.
It's June and everything is green.
Looking at the world’s first confirmed T.rex track.
Our first night is at Anasazi trail camp.
The next morning we're up early and ready to go.
Over water we unsnap belly bands and cross one at a time.
We make a stop at Indian Writings staff camp.
Giant arrows?
No, spears.
We have great weather nearly the entire trip.
We saw some wildlife.
Everything’s bigger in the Rocky Mountains.
What happens if you don’t follow the Scout Motto.
We break for lunch.
Each lunch bag feeds two.
No cooking is required for lunches and most breakfasts.
Find shade where you can.
Back on the trail.
Our second night is at Horse Canyon trail camp.
Dinner entrees are freeze-dried food cooked in a communal pot.
I’m not going to smile for you, dad.
We use our orienteering skills to plot each day's route.
Some of us carry heavier packs than others.
At Dan Beard staff camp we do challenge activities.
Success, or fail, hard to tell.
Here’s another activity to build crew cohesiveness.
Our third night is at Sioux trail camp.
Cooking is with gas canisters.
At Ponil staff camp a burro joins our crew.
We name the burro Churro.
Churro carries some of our stuff, but not a lot.
Persuading Churro to cross the stream.
Our fourth night is at Pueblano staff camp.
The next morning we do spar pole climbing.
Those spikes on the ground get strapped to your boots.
Then you dig the spikes into the side of the pole and climb.
Success !
Multitasking - one brushes while the other eats.
Churro stays with us a second day.
The advisors are still in good spirits.
After saying bye to Churro, we visit the range at Miranda staff camp.
We shoot muzzle-loading black powder rifles from the late 1800s.
See the flash from the percussion cap.
Our fifth and sixth nights are at Maxwell trail camp.
Notice the Red Roof (outhouse) in the background.
We'll be getting up the next morning in the dark to summit Baldy Mtn.
Can you guess why it was named Baldy?
We made it, elevation 12,441 ft.
We descend on Baldy's north slope, where there is still snow.
That day was Father’s Day.
We stop at Baldy Town commissary to replenish our food supply.
After our second night at Maxwell trail camp, we break camp.
We were facing our longest day, 15 miles.
The weather was hot,
and the hike exhausting.
Yes, exhausting.
Night 7 is at Black Jacks trail camp, and we pass Black Jacks Hideout.
We saw some beautiful sunsets.
A hail storm hit us, literally, while at Harlan staff camp on night 8.
We did our conservation project at Harlan.
We helped construct a new trail, no power tools allowed.
We then set off for Cimarroncito staff camp for night 9.
With rain a possibility, we put rain covers on our backpacks.
At Cimarroncito we do rock climbing & rappelling.
They have several routes of varying difficulty.
The only body of water we ever pass is this reservoir.
At Clarks Fork staff camp we go horseback riding.
Our last night camping, 10, is at Upper Clarks Fork trail camp.
On the last day we hike 11 miles into base camp.
On the way we summit Tooth of Time.
As the sign says, we made it. Venimus, vidimus, vicimus.
After another 22 hours on the train, we arrive back in Los Angeles.
Philmont 2019 ?
Who wants to be part of
Philmont lottery opens soon and closes Nov. 15.
Lottery results released early Dec.
Taking sign-ups now to see how many crews to request.
- not a commitment
- say what month you prefer
$100 deposits due Jan. 2018.
Total cost approx. $1,400.
Must currently be in 7th grade or above.
For more information about Philmont, see the High
Adventure tab of the troop's website.